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Every day indispensables such as the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the roofs over our heads are reliant on petrochemicals and their derivatives. Life sustaining food such as rice, vegetables and fruits thrive on fertilizers. Plastic packaging helps preserve food supplies, minimize waste and protect against dangers caused by food-borne diseases.

Water and thirst-quenching beverages are stored in clean plastic bottles. Manmade fibers derived from petrochemicals protect from heat or cold. Medical equipment such as heart valves, artificial limbs and antibiotic agents used to treat diseases, all petrochemical based, restore health and well-being.

Ancient Egyptians made products we know today as Ethylene and Polyethylene by gassing the fig plant, which would stimulate ripening and releasing of ethylene. In 1872 carbon black, the first chemical to be made from petroleum, led to the production of synthetic rubber. Petrochemicals are the lifeblood of the modern world.


Plastics are all around us: in our homes, motor vehicles, healthcare. We find them in packaging, electronics and even sports. Products made of plastic are strong, light, economical and recyclable. They have become an inescapable and indispensable part of our world.

With the ongoing improvements in polymer properties, plastics are more than ever a material for the future. At Petro Rabigh, intensive research reveals and creates new ways for the company’s products to serve many customers - consumer, business and industrial - and their diverse needs. The company aims to create a wide range of products that facilitate, and even enrich, our daily lives.


Petro Rabigh plastics can be found in a very wide range of products, answering the needs of industry and consumers. A more sustainable use of our natural and created resources, greater care of the environment, new and innovative products to meet our adapting lifestyles.

These are all challenges that Petro Rabigh is committed to meeting, and its plastics will have a key role to play. Plastics can contribute to lighter weight cars and airplanes as well as to better-insulated buildings, making it possible to reduce energy use and emissions on a daily and long-term basis. In addition, plastic packaging, water pipes, electronics and medical applications can help to ensure that the growing needs of the increasing global population are met.


​​For full and detailed information on Petro Rabigh’s refined and petrochemical products, see our Product Brochure.​

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