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   Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our business operations to external partnerships and initiatives that drive social progress and development.

At Petro Rabigh, we believe that investing in our people is key to achieving sustainable success. We are committed to creating a safe, efficient, and effective workplace that empowers our employees to reach their full potential. Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our business operations to external partnerships and initiatives that drive social progress and development. We are proud to support Saudization and human development as part of our commitment to creating positive, long-lasting impacts in our community. With a steadfast commitment to social responsibility, we aim to build a brighter future for all.

Focus Pillars for Social

Human Capital

We We actively monitor, nurture, and evaluate our top talent attraction, retention, diversity, and inclusion (D&I) programs at all levels to achieve outstanding in-country performance. Our performance appraisal process is robust and effective, ensuring that the best candidates are promoted to fill leadership roles.


We encourage our supply chain service providers and contractors to meet the same employment and labor standards.


Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

We understand that Petro Rabigh's activities and products, both on and off-site, have the potential to cause life-changing harm and major damages to our employees, local communities, suppliers, contractors, and end-users. Our Occupational Health and Safety management and performance standards are non-negotiable to ensure that all stakeholders and their interests are met. We believe that our business viability, reputation, legal and financial obligations depend on our OHS performance.

  •  Health & Safety (H&S) Policy


  • ​H&S policy is group-wide
Petro Rabigh is an integrated complex which is located at one location only (Rabigh). Above H&S Policy is applicable to all the Departments in Petro Rabigh.
  • ​H&S policy applies to contractors
​This H&S Policy is equally applicable to contactors, also.
  • ​H&S policy is enforced with auditing
​True, enforcement of H&S Policy is monitored through various audits, such as 2nd Party SHE Audit, Loss Prevention Compliance Review Audit, ISO 45001 Audit, etc.
  • ​H&S is a factor in executive compensation
​True, H&S performance against the set target or upper control limits is linked to variable bonus scheme of the executives.
  • ​Executive body responsible for H&S strategy and performance

​The Industrial Security Function (including safety department) which is an executive branch within PRC is responsible for developing H&S strategies and monitoring the performance. Implementation of the H&S strategies are applicable to all functions.


Moreover, in Petro Rabigh Health, Safety, Security, & Environment Steering Committee which is led by P&CEO is responsible for approving the H&S strategies and also monitoring the performance.

  • Percentage of Company’s H&S system certified to OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001
​100% of PRC is certified for ISO 45001
  • ​Company includes contractors in its H&S metrics

​Contractors are included in H&S metrics including among other;

  • Total Recordable Occupational Injury / Illness Rate - TRIR (Combined for PRC employees and Contractors)

Process Safety Total Incident Rate - PSTIR (Combined for PRC employees and Contractors)


H&S targets

  • Target year, reduction (percentage), baseline, baseline year

Below are the approved targets for the total recordable incident rate:

Safety KPI



Aggressiveness of target in the context of current performance

​The Company has a set target reduction every year as per the business plan. The yearly reduction of the target was planned for 4 years and will continue until the Company reaches to 0.065 target for both total recordable incident rate (TRIR) and process safety total incident rate PSTIR by the year of 2025.

Note: Baseline year is 2022 at 0.1 Total Recordable Incident Rate, targeting a reduction of 35% by 2025 (corresponding to 0.065 as above)

​Implementation strategy to achieve target Safety business plan is developed annual that consists of short term (1 year) and long term (3-5 years) actions & objectives. These actions are set to help the Company achieve its H&S goals and H&S performance targets. The progress of these actions is monitored monthly during Company performance management review meeting led by the CEO & the rest of the executive management team.
​Demonstrated track record of achieving targets ​Actual TRIR performance in the past 3 years achieved the targets.
Year 2022: Actual of 0.028 against target of 0.10
Year 2021: Actual of 0.096 against target of 0.11
Year 2020: Actual of 0.153 against target of 0.19
For process safety total incident rate
Year 2022: Actual of 0.00 against target of 0.1


Trend in H&S metrics

H&S metrics vs peers may include:

  • Lost time incident rate
  • Total Recordable Injury Rate
  • Process Safety Total Incident Rate
  • Total recordable injury rate


Community Engagement & Development

As one of the primary and competitive employers in Rabigh and surrounding areas, including northern Jeddah, our continued success depends on the development and engagement of our local community. The community provides the majority of employees and day-to-day services, and their loyalty has sustained us during challenging times. Ongoing community support and development are vital to ensuring our future success and value. Addressing social inequality will broaden our employment pool and promote the growth of marginalized and vulnerable groups. Additionally, the community expects to be protected from harm caused by our operations or emergencies.


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