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CSR Strategy

   CSR Strategy


Our CSR strategy revolves around four key pillars that aim to generate sustainable social and environmental impacts, while aligning with the 2030 Vision programs and the 10 out of 17 Global Sustainable Development goals.


Aligned with the 2030 Vision programs and the 10 out of 17 Global Sustainable Development goals, our strategy ensures compliance while fulfilling our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Through these pillars, we seek to make a positive and lasting difference in the communities where we operate. Through these four pillars, Petro Rabigh is committed to generating sustainable impact in the areas of social and environmental responsibility. We strive to fulfill our obligations and contribute positively to the communities where we operate.


​Pillar 1

​Environmental Protection and Awareness

​Pillar 2

​Health & Wellness

​Pillar 3

​Training and Education Development

​Pillar 4

​Socio-Economic Impact
​Our first pillar focuses on promoting environmental protection and awareness practices. Initiatives include increasing green areas, restoring coral reefs, planting mangroves, and organizing beach cleaning activities. Additionally, we prioritize waste reduction, energy conservation, and minimizing our carbon footprint. BV undertaking these measures, we actively contribute to preserving the environment for future generations. ​The second pillar addresses the importance of health and wellness within the community. We present various initiatives aimed at maintaining good health among community members. This includes supporting healthcare programs and activities that promote well- being. By actively participating in health-related initiatives, we enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. ​Our third pillar focuses on fostering employee development, enhancing skills, and promoting knowledge sharing. We offer diverse training and education programs to empower our workforce. This pillar also extends to supporting Saudi fresh graduates, high school students, and educational institutions. We believe in promoting accessible and quality education for all, as it lays the foundation for a prosperous future. ​The fourth pillar aims to improve the social and economic well-being of the communities where we operate and our stakeholders. We actively invest in community development, create job opportunities, and foster small business development. Our initiatives promote sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty. By supporting local economies and empowering communities, we contribute to a brighter future for all.


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