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Nothing defines a company more than its mission.  A mission gives us a sense of purpose.  It is a guiding principal that motivates us to be our best.  It enables us to work together towards one goal.

Simply put, our Mission is to:


Maximize shareholder value with our integrated resources in a sustainable, world-class manner.

We have an obligation to our shareholders to maximize return on their investment.

To achieve this goal, we have to maintain a reliable, sustainable level of productivity and optimum performance to drive growth and profitability. 

Not only must our facilities and equipment be world-class, our people must be world-class too. 

Petro Rabigh’s engineers, operators and technicians are among the most capable in the industry.  Our occupational hygienists protect us from environmental and health hazards.  Our safety engineers conduct thorough inspections to guarantee our safety and security.  Our refinery and plant operators ensure that everything runs smoothly, reliably and sustainably. 

All of these resources make Petro Rabigh a global leader in the refining and petrochemical industries, and will sustain our continuing mission in the years to come.

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