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​Health and Safety

 ​Petro Rabigh commitment is to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors, visitors and the community. Petro Rabigh established and implemented a structured Safety Management System aligned with legal requirements, national and international standards, and industry good practices. It provides a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, contractors and related community by reducing health and safety risks, eliminating hazards, and preventing injury & ill health.
Safety KPIs are performance indicators that serve as metrics for Petro Rabigh efforts in health and safety. Tracking safety KPIs allows to determine how safe the work environment is for employees and benchmark the safety performance against national and international companies in similar business. KPI trend helps the company to determine whether its safety policies and plans are successfully implemented and objectives are met over time.


Below are the safety KPIs related to injuries for the period Apr YTD 2023.

Recordable Injury​Fatality​Lost Time Injury (LTI)​Restricted Duty Injury (RDI)​Medical Treatment Case (MTC)​Total Recordable Injury Cases (TRIC)
​Regular employees​0​0​0​0​0


(Regular employees + Contractors)


 Safety Performance KPIs targets (UCL) and actual values for the years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and Apr YTD 2023, are depicted below:

 Combined TRIR (Regular employees + Contractors):

Total Recordable Injury / Illness Rate (TRIR) is one of the most important lagging safety KPI for safety performance of the company.

Year​2019​2020​2021​2022​Apr YTD 2023
​Combined TRIR (Regular employees + Contractors)​0.237​0.153​0.096​0.028​0.048
​Combined TRIR (Regular employees + Contractors) Upper Control Limit (UCL)*​NA​NA​NA​0.100​0.085


* Note: Combined TRIR (Regular employees + Contractors) KPI has been considered as Petro Rabigh Company level KPI from the year 2022; there were no upper control limits set for previous years.

 Process Safety Total Incident Rate (PSTIR):

Process Safety Total Incident Rate (PSTIR) which helps in tracking performance of process safety management in the company.


Year​2019​2020​2021​2022​Apr YTD 2023
​PSTIR (1,000,000 manhours)​0.200​0.060​0.085​0.000​0.000
​PSTIR Upper Control Limit (UCL)​0.250​0.250​0.050​0.100​0.074


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