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Why Work at Petro Rabigh

Petro Rabigh is the world’s largest integrated refining and petrochemicals complex built at a single point in time and is at the hub of one of Saudi Arabia’s most rapidly developing regions.
As a young company that came into full operation in 2010, our ambitions are embodied in our increasingly innovative and dynamic workforce that is at the forefront of the diversification of Saudi Arabia’s economy.

Opportunity, development and reward are therefore the cornerstones of working at Petro Rabigh. We encourage our employees to step up and lead Petro Rabigh into the future through a variety of goal-setting and feedback initiatives, exchange of experience and management planning schemes. Our future is in recruiting and retaining the best people, encouraging new talent and creating a work environment that is motivating and inspiring.

In turn, we offer competitive packages and development incentives to support the careers and futures of our employees and their families. We reward employees for their performances not only in basic pay, but also in a series of benefits and savings packages that generously compensate commitment and achievement.


Learning and development

We prize bright inquiring minds with the desire to learn and develop, and we take pride in our ongoing training programs and initiatives to promote the exchange of experience. We always aim to equip our employees with the skills and knowledge to take on new responsibilities and lead Petro Rabigh into the future.



Petro Rabigh has a dynamic multinational workforce in which young talented Saudis are supplemented by the experience and expertise of people from around 35 different countries.

This diversity produces an innovative approach that draws on unique experiences and creative thinking. 

Rewards and benefits

In addition to generous compensation packages and continued opportunities for development and career advancement, Petro Rabigh provides employees with programs and plans that ensure the health and stability of they and their families futures. They include the Home Ownership program, the Savings Plan, the Share Program, Health Insurance and Life Insurance.

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