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The Petro Rabigh Advantage

Petro Rabigh is not the only petrochemical company in Saudi Arabia , but it enjoys advantages that promise to transform the industry both in the Kingdom and globally. Indeed, the union of blue-chip powerhouses Saudi Aramco and Sumitomo, whose expertise and capabilities knit together perfectly, make Petro Rabigh one of the most competitive and innovative petrochemical companies ever.

Currently, Saudi Aramco's Rabigh refinery has the capability to take feed of 400,000 barrels per day of crude oil, 95 million cubic feet per day of ethane and about 15,000 barrels per day of butane. The availability of such committed and stable volumes of feedstock, release Petro Rabigh from the supply pressures faced by other companies, and enable it to achieve unprecedented levels of economy and efficiency.
Sumitomo, meanwhile, provides world-leading technological know-how and 95 years of experience in the global marketing of chemical products. This consolidation of know-how and infrastructure, along with the global aspect of the partnership, marks the beginning of a new era in Saudi Arabia, one in which it uses its natural resources to achieve a global edge in a wide variety of industries. Petrochemicals are only the beginning.
Upon completion of the development project, Petro Rabigh has the capacity to produce 18.4 million tons per year (mpta) of petroleum-based products and 2.4 mpta of ethylene and propylene-based derivatives. Demand for its high and quality, attractively priced products is  high, and an industrial park adjacent to the complex will drive demand even higher.
Accordingly, plans are already underway to expand the plant's operations.

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