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QSHES Policy

QSHES Policy  (Quality, Safety, Health, Environment and Security)


The Company's QSHES policy outlines commitments to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors, the environment, and the community; it also pledges for sustainable continual improvements in all of its activities, customers satisfaction, compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements.


Petro Rabigh management ensures that the integrity of the QSHES Systems is maintained at all times and be consistent with the QSHES policy. The management of the Company makes sure that the planning of the QSHES management systems is carried out to meet the requirements of QSHES Policy. Top management takes QSHES policy as a means for leading the Company towards improvement of QSHES management performances and business excellence. It provides directions, how the Company as an employer, will manage Quality, Safety, Health, Environment & Security in the Company's business. It also provides the comprehensive, coordinated and integrated approaches for consistent implementation of the QSHES Policy at Petro Rabigh to ensure the continual improvement in all spheres of QSHES management systems. All employees, contractors and persons working for and on the behalf of the Company are responsible for the necessary understanding and fulfillment of their roles, responsibilities, and authorities as per Petro Rabigh QSHES policy.


It is the policy of the Petro Rabigh to:

  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, contractors and related community by reducing QSHES (Quality, Safety, Health, Environment, Security) risks, eliminating hazards, preventing injury & ill health, protecting the environment, preventing pollution, utilizing sustainable resources, mitigating & adapting to climate change, protecting biodiversity & ecosystems.
  • Comply with applicable legal & other requirements.
  • Ensure effective implementation of compliance obligations and Responsible Care (RC) Guiding Principles.
  • Continually improve QSHES management systems performance to achieve the Company's objectives.
  • Manage risks and opportunities associated with Company's activities to prevent harm to people, assets and the environment.
  • Establish open communication channels through active consultation & participation of workers and promote openness with stakeholders.
  • Meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of customers and stakeholders.
  • Ensure continuity of processes, products, services and other functions in the face of disruptive incidents.
  • Improve business operations to achieve Business Excellence and Sustainability.
  • Nurture Human Capital quality by continuous education, training, knowledge sharing and mentoring.
  • Augment Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) – aware and performance driven culture.

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